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Easy Read
Our staff culls through hundreds of websites relating to cancer and selects only a handful that we consider are readily understandable by the layman and consistent with the principles of the “cancer patient literacy movement”.  Each of these sites is certified by us as an “Easy Read”

ASCO Answers.  These are 2-page fact sheets for over 20 different cancers.  They each provide a succinct explanation of a specific cancer type and include questions to ask your doctor.  The material is prepared by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, perhaps the world’s most pre-eminent coalition of cancer doctors and researchers in the world  (available at
ASCO Answers
Navigation Tip… when you click on any of these recommended websites it will take you to the specific landing page where these resources can be reviewed and printed.
What You Need To Know About . . . These are longer booklets – about 40 pages – and each booklet discusses a different cancer type.  For example, “What You Need To Know About Brain Cancer”.  They are prepared by the National Cancer Institute and are free of charge.  (available at
Brain Tumors